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Sandra Rodriguez(non-registered)
Michellle, words cannot even describe how I feel about our beautiful photos you managed to capture. Thank you cousin sincerely from the bottom of my heart for such beautiful and touching photos you took of my beautiful flower and I. I am in awe!!! You are the camera whisperer!!! I swear by that!!! We where so excited to shoot with you and then the rain came!!! :( But through it all, you managed to capture the most beautiful images of my baby and the love I have for her!!! You are truly AMAZING at this and I am so happy you found your calling!!! Looking forward to our visit with you next year Thanskgiving and for more spectacular pictures!!! These memories will last a lifetime and I am truly grateful for the gift of family. Love you, Sandra a.k.a Shay!!!
Franco Pacheco(non-registered)
I am very impress with you work.
Congrats for the awesome skill you possess
I wish you the best of LUCK...
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